From our family farm to your family table.
From our family farm to your family table.

Items can be purchased by phone at (607) 239-5636, via email

or by visiting us at the Sugar Creek Maple Farm in Vestal Center, N.Y.


Maple Syrup Grades:

                      Golden Color, Delicate Taste                         Amber Color, Rich Taste

                      Dark Color, Robust Taste                              Very Dark Color, Strong Taste

Maple Products

Plastic Jugs

3.4 oz.                 $4.00

Half Pint              $7.00

Pint                   $12.00

Quart                 $20.00

Half Gallon        $32.00

Gallon               $55.00



Glass Leaves

100 ml               $7.00

250 ml               $12.00

500 ml               $16.00

Handled Glass

  8 oz.                $9.00

12 oz.                $12.00

Assorted Glass

Selection varies - call for availability and pricing.


Tin Cabin

16 oz.                $13.00

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Molded Maple

1 oz Bag                      $2.00

2 oz Bag                       $4.00

4 oz. Gift Box               $9.00




Maple Cream

8 oz.            $9.00


Comes in glass or plastic container.

Granulated Suger

Great in coffee and on cereal.


2 oz.                $3.50

4 oz.                $6.00

10 oz.                $13.00

20 oz.                $24.00

1/2 Cup Bag*    $5.00   


* Comes with receipe for

Maple Cheesecake


Maple Walnut Topping

Great on ice cream & desserts.


6 oz.                 $6.00


Maple Granola

Great in yogurt and oatmeal, or right out of the bag.


3 oz.               $2.50

Maple Tea

A delicious treat for tea lovers.


Single Bag             $.75

Box of 13 bags              $7.00       

Maple Dog Bones

Don't forget a maple treat for man's best friend.


Package                $1.50

5 Reasons to buyPure New York Maple Syrup

Courtesy of the New York State Maple Producers Association, Inc.


It's Natural: Maple producers collect sap from the tree and boil it to remove water to concentrate the sugars and other substances produced by maple trees. Producers who tend maple forests rarely used pesticides and fertilizer.  So what you consume in Pure Maple is what the tree has produced naturally.

Great Flavor: Pure Maple is a unique and complex collection of natural flavors, one of which is the distinct maple flavor.  Pure Maple has different flavors reflecting a unique combination of plant, growing location and processing artistry.  All of this is there to enjoy each time you consume a Pure Maple product. 

Health Advantages: Although Pure Maple contains mostly natural sugars, it also has other substances as well.  Minerals absorbed by the tree are present, especially calcium.  Phenol and antioxidants are present and can be active against cancer and free radicals.  Potential health advantages of these natural compounds have been demonstrated in laboratory testing.

Buy Local: Buying local means you are supporting New York business, a community, and maybe your neighbor.  It means that you can determine the conditions of production and where ingredients come from, if you want to.  Buying local contributes to food security and keeps your money closer to home.

Sustainable Forestry: Forests naturally filter our water supply.  They store carbon, thus combating global warming.  They provide habitat for many plants and animals, helping to preserve biodiversity.  Maple sugaring allows you to appreciate a small part of the value of the forest as part of your daily meals while helping to sustain this natural resource.

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