From our family farm to your family table.
From our family farm to your family table.

From the youngest to the oldest every member of our family is involved in our business!


Family Matriarch

Our land and traditions have been passed through generations from Shirley's family. While she deoesn't make it to the sugarbush as often as she'd like to, she is always on top of all that is going on, and lovinging cares for the rest of us.

Teri & Mike

The Heart of Sugar Creek Maple Farm

Teri & Mike took our family hobby and turned it into a successful business. They are the driving force behind the products and brand you see today.


While Mike married into the family it is his passion for making maple that drives the rest of us. He loves to teach others about the maple making process and is fondly known as "Maple Mike" in many classrooms around Broome County. Mike can often be found on his John Deere no matter what time of year. He spends countless hours chopping wood, checking lines, reading about the latest technology, and is our quality control expert.


Teri ensures that everything is running smoothly. She will greet you with a smile when you stop in for some syrup, stack wood with the best of us, and runs the evaporator like a pro. She hand makes most tags you will find on our products and does, well..., just about everything.

Dave & Cindy

Sales & Support Team

Dave and Cindy live in New Hampshire and are key members of our sales and support team. Dave grew up makin' maple and will help out in the sugar bush whenever he can. Cindy has not only learned the business inside and out, and can step in wherever needed, but has also become our maple recipe expert.

Linda & Jeff

Communications and Right Hand Man

Linda also grew up in the sugar bush and happily helps in the sugar house when she can. But most of the time you can find her behind her computer managing our website and social media. Jeff started learning the maple business as a new member to the family in 2016. He has been a diligent protege to Mike, has become an imporant part of our maple making process, and loves everything about it.

Matt, Laura, Paul & Raiden

Family Support Team & Sugar Bush Helpers

While Matt, Laura and family live in Maryland they are part of our sales team. They often travel to New York to join us in the sugarbush on weekends during sugaring season. Paul absolutely loves everything about our family business and soaks in everything he can when he visits Grandma and Poppi (Teri & Mike). As an young teen there isn't much in our family business that he can't do.

Amanda, Taimour, Ethan & Caiden

Sales & Family Support Team

Amanda, Taimour and family live in Alabama and lend much needed support long distance. Ethan and Caiden love the sugerbush, so they visit during the sugaring season as often as they can.  Amanda is one of our top sales agents keeping her mom and dad (Teri & Mike) busy shipping syrup south. Taimour often comes and helps with maple tours and farm weekends and is  invaluable at helping get all the little things done.

Megan (& Sadie)

Family Support Team

Megan is the person who is always there to help in whatever way she can when she can, especially to her mom and dad (Dave & Cindy). In addition to her full-time job, Megan is also a dedicated local ice skating coach who dedicates much of her time to the success of her students.

Kristen, Eric & Luca

Sales & Family Support Team

Kristen, Eric and Luca live in Italy where Eric is stationed with the U.S. Army. We are so proud of their service to our country and are delighted to support them in whatever ways we can. We happily ship our products to Italy for them to share.  While we do miss them, we can't complain about the opportunities we have to visit them. Kristen's mom and dad (Dave & Cindy), and her sister (Megan) visit even more since little Luca came along in December of 2022.

Brandon & Gage

Sales & Family Support Team

Brandon is one of our best outside sales agents providing his co-workers with our sweet maple products. He also happens to be extremely good with children and you can often find him helping out with the kids during our events.


Gage is another top outside salesman also providing his co-workers with our maple products.  He specializes in putting together a package of items which are purchased as gifts. 

Both Gage and Brandon are a great help to their mom (Linda) and to all of us during the maple production season.

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