From our family farm to your family table.
From our family farm to your family table.

From the youngest to the oldest every member of our family is involved in our business!

Family Matriarch
Our sugar bush has been passed through generations from Shirley's family. While today's ever changing technology keeps us producing an increased amount of syrup it is often Shirley's experience that helps make our products so good.
All Around Guy/Quality Control
(607) 239-5636
Mike can often be found on his John Deere no matter what time of year. He spends countless hours chopping wood, checking lines, reading about the latest technology and is our quality control expert. Mike is also a member of the Board of Directors of the NYS Maple Producers Association.
Business Manager
(607) 239-5636
Teri is our business manager ensuring that everything is running smoothly. She will greet you with a smile when you stop in for some syrup, stack wood with the best of us and runs the evaporator like a pro. She hand makes most tags and stickers you will find on our products and does, well..., just about everything.
Woodsman Extraordinare
(607) 624-3015
David is often found cutting and stacking wood, tapping trees, collecting sap and he spends many nights running the evaporator during sugaring season. He is one of our top outside sales representatives.
Head Chef
(607) 321-1174
You will often find Cindy in the kitchen testing new recipes to share with you in our newsletter (which she creates) and on our website in "Cindy's Corner". She also helps everywhere needed be it bottling, wood collection, evaporator duty or bringing us all dinner on long days in the sugarbush.
Website Manager/Confectionist
(607) 744-0682
Linda makes most of the candy we sell and helps out at fairs and other shows that we attend. But most of the time you can find her behind her computer managing our website.
Matt, Laura, Paul & Raiden
Family Support Team
While Matt, Laura and family live in Maryland they are part of our sales team. They often travel to the New York to join us in the sugarbush on weekends during sugaring season.
Amanda, Taimour, Ethan and Caiden
Family Support Team
Amanda, Taimour and family live in Virginia but, like Matt and Laura, often join us in the sugar bush on weekends and lend much needed support long distance.
Megan & Kristen
The Extra Pair of Hands
Megan often helps out in the woods during the day when many of us are at work. She is a pro at all things in the sugar bush and is always willing to lend a hand.

Kristen is a sophomore at college but always helps out however she can when she is home.
Brandon & Gage
Woodsman in Training
Brandon and Gage love to be in the sugar bush. They are learning the ins and outs of the production process but they are young at heart and still love to play in the woods!

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